Importers, Buyers - Advantages

    Competence and trust

  • When we sell directly to you, we deliver quality goods
  • We match your import orders with verified sellers to meet specifications
  • Provide you multiple price quotes from sellers for your import order
  • We have established trust with decision maker of the sellers
  • Your communication will be with domain expert or professional peer

    Make informed buying decisions

    We provide following information regarding sellers:

  • Credit score to summarize credit worthiness
  • Credit report giving details of past credit history
  • Reviews about experience with seller from other buyers
  • Detailed business profile - production capability, quality etc
  • Catalog of products or details of services offered
  • Ratings and reports about adherence of following by seller:
    • Environment sustainability
    • Social responsibility
    • Corporate governance

    Multiple buying plans

  • Directly buy - buy products directly from us at our quoted price
  • Free import service - Import from third party at pre-determined price quote
  • Pay as you go - bid in order to get a detailed price quotes from sellers


  • Transact domestically with us, when you buy directly from us
  • Get price quotes from sellers who match your transaction terms
  • Detailed business profile of exporter is presented to you
  • You work in your time zone while we interact with sellers in their time zones
  • We take care of most of the steps of importing

    Stress free trade

  • Avoid hassles of import details, when you transact domestically with us
  • We deliver quality goods, when selling to you directly
  • Quality assurance of products through our testing partners
  • We verify sellers' credentials
  • Mechanism to enforce contract agreement

    Access worldwide businesses

  • Micro, small and medium businesses are our suppliers
  • Our product catalogs are from sellers of many countries
  • We aggregate our sellers from about 70 countries
  • Many business verticals are served by us
  • Our services are for both physical products and service sector businesses

    Language choice

  • Sellers' products or services are presented to you in 40 plus languages
  • We act as translator between you and sellers in 40 plus languages
  • All our services are offered to you in your language

    Digital tools

  • Forums that help you in specifying the import order easily
  • Software to help you monitor from initial order to final delivery
  • Free web hosting of your company's profile on our websites
  • Leverage our digital tools to enhance your productivity